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The Idea of Createyourself.com was germinated years ago from the book Live Rich by Stephen Pollan where we learn that for you to succeed, you must be courageous, you must get off your rear-end, and you must do for Yourself!

I started my personal development journey after reading none-other than the Godfather guru, Napoleon Hill, and his great book, Think and Grow Rich. [Make sure you get Earl Nightingale's version as there are a bunch of "want to be like Napoleon" versions out there. Earl is another of my mentors and he has an awesome voice for the audio versions of his work. I listened to these in my car all the time when I first went into sales and business development.

Later, I met Brian Tracy and started reading his books and taking his courses. Brian is the greatest producer of individual personal development strategies and corporate team building techniques in the world. 

In 2010, when I was thinking out the idea for a new mobile app project, I met Gary Ryan Blair through reading his book, Everything Counts. I thought so much of him, I engaged Gary as my personal coach through the launch of the app. Check out the video below and learn the power of Gary's 100 Days Challenge.

Every idea, vision, and dream has the potential to become an avenue to Createyourself and as Gary coaches us, all you have to do is get off your duff and do it.

The Createyourself.com principles can make each of us accountable for our own success and help you on your path to accomplishing your vision and making your ideas a reality!

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Accelerate Yourself


Earn Yourself


Change Yourself


Fit Yourself

Fit Yourself

Protect Yourself

Protect Yourself3

Invest Yourself


Believe Yourself


Bulletproof Yourself


Know Yourself


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Our firm has decades in personal development coaching, plenty of startup experience, and a breadth of business expertise from healthcare, to creative space, to wealth building.

We continuously build upon our expertise and knowledge through our ever growing library of key resources, experts and experiences.

We add our capabilities to all that you bring to the development of your Idea, Vision, and Dreams with the ultimate goal to Createyourself!

Dr. Gordon Jones

"Ideas that are not disruptive are unworthy of being called ideas" LinkedIn

Gary Ryan Blair

"Do It Right the First Time!" LinkedIn

Eric Parker, AIA

"An artist must not be bound, except by the realization of the idea" LinkedIn

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