Believe Yourself


I have found that when entrepreneurs believe in a higher purpose and whom are involved in a church, synagogue, mosque or other place of worship they benefit both spiritually and emotionally. This only supports their productivity at work and their management of employees, as well as their home life.

Active participation in a community of faith can give people a sense of connection and belonging that everyone needs and many people seek. It's nurturing, it's supportive, it often creates a bonding community and gives people a place where they can feel at home.

Adversely, entrepreneurs who disconnect from their faith community— because they are spending too much time in their business (or other life circumstances) — often feel a sense of loss.

If you feel like something's missing from your life, consider reconnecting with the faith or religious practices that you feel can enhance and enrich your spiritual life. If you are feeling disenfranchised (no pun intended) or lonely in your entrepreneurial efforts, or somehow out of the loop, you can go to your place of religious worship and have a sense of connection.

I am a Christian. My family is active with the First Baptist Church of Augusta as participants, members and leaders. We attend services and bible studies on Sunday and make every effort to attend the community functions on Wednesdays evenings as well. I also am an online Missionary with www.GlobalMediaOutreach.com.

While I will be sharing most of my belief about Christianity and how it benefits me and my family; I will make every effort to share lessons I have learned from other faiths; not as comparisons but to help identify awesome ways of building our faith and our faith communities so that we can maximize the benefit of our beliefs.

Believe Yourself!


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