Bulletproof Yourself


We have partnered with Rocket Lawyer so that your Createyourself.com advisor can access their 14,000+ legal documents, including essential business contracts to help bulletproof your business and personal legal documents that protect you and your loved ones. We are not a law firm, so we work with you to choose the right document you need, customize it, and then email it to you.

If you do need a lawyer, we can access the national network of lawyers Rocket Lawyer has made available to Createyourself.com clients.

The laws of the United States were created to protect and empower us — as citizens, individuals, families and business owners — but many of us don’t get the help we need because of costly legal fees and complexity. For those startups still in the idea phase, money may be scarce. We have made it a part of your monthly package to be able to ask us to help create any type of business and personal legal documents you will need to get things started, protect your ideas, and get your business cranking.

Bulletproof Yourself,



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