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Don’t grow, change: we are all growing, but we are not all changing our direction. Most of us are going down a self-determined path we believe to be correct, but that doesn’t mean it is correct. If we keep going down the same ole path, “growing in it” as opposed to changing direction, we’ll never get where we truly want to be.

The pace of business has changed

All businesses today are global in nature with even high school dropouts of the poorest part of the world being potential competitors.  The continuous entry of entrepreneurs coming from outside the US taking market share from our potential requires the need for greater inclusiveness and valuing of diversity in order for our businesses to be competitive. The Createyourself.com coaching can help eliminate any elements of fear you may have in changing yourself to succeed in this environment. Today, the use of technology does not provide a competitive advantage; your skills as a person does!

If even Tiger Woods can have two separate coaches to help in his profession of golf, anyone and everyone can benefit from having their own personal coach.

Coaching is...

Creating a trusting and collaborative environment in which personal development and performance improvement occurs;

Having a respectful conversation that focuses on the person being coached;

A positive style of relating that can be utilized anywhere, any time;

A means of helping people achieve extraordinary performance;

A way of being with another individual that promotes reflection, self-discovery, and openness to taking more effective actions.

Coaching is not...

Directing, controlling, or manipulating others according to the coach’s agenda;

Having all the answers and solving problems for others;

Being judgmental or punitive;

Coaching without mutual understanding and agreement;

Counseling or therapy.

A Coach does...

Model integrity and high standards for others;

Establish collaborative relationships based on trust;

Treat others with respect, always using language that is constructive;

Tell the truth in a way that enables others to hear it and grow as a result;

Provide objectivity;

Promote discovery of possibilities, solutions, and alternatives;

Support others to stretch beyond their current capabilities;

Assist others to look honestly at gaps in their attitudes or behaviors that decrease their interpersonal effectiveness.

Coaching benefits to the company are...

applicable to individuals and teams throughout the organization;

a common language that everyone can relate to;

complements to other quality improvement processes;

results that are measurable and sustainable;

focused discussions tied to the achievement of business results;

the development of new skills in the organization;

a fostering of future-oriented thinking.

Coaching benefits individuals...

by emphasizing the unique potential of individuals;

by providing a structure and a process for individual development;

by using language that is grounded in respect for people and their capabilities;

by establishing the focus on the person being coached;

by promoting personal discovery and self responsibility for solving problems;

by fostering the development of high levels of self-confidence and mastery;

by forming a basis for planning for career advancement;

by providing a model for personal leadership development.

Why a Coaching conversation is more likely to achieve results...

There’s a purpose and focus to the conversation;

The structure of the coaching conversation helps both the coach and the client to stay on track;

The structure of the conversation fosters heightened attention and new awareness;

The coaching conversation creates a safe space in which present limitations or challenges can be examined and acted upon;

Boundaries and time frames for agreed-upon actions are established;

Accountability is built into the structure and process of the coaching conversation.

The professional coach is all of the following...

Your partner in achieving business and personal goals;Your champion during a turnaround;

Your trainer in communication and life skills;

Your sounding board when making choices;

Your motivation when strong actions are called for;

Your unconditional support when you take a hit;

Your mentor in personal development;

Your co-designer when creating an extraordinary project;

Your beacon during stormy times;

Your wake-up call if you don’t hear your own.

and most important . . .

Your partner in helping you have all of what matters most to you!

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