Earn Yourself


Hello and welcome to the Earn Yourself section of Createyourself.com.

Your primary reason for working should be to generate an income that “puts dollars into your pocket;” everything else should come after this objective is being met. With dollars you can provide for your family, support your charity, sit on the beach, whatever! In this section, we will be talking about how you can take your idea and create revenue from it.

The Createyourself.com Idea Vetting Process is where we use our experience and the processes we have developed over the years of starting up companies, conjoined with the most recent business launch research, to help you vet out your ideas and get them to market.

Since you are here, you should have a good understanding of What We Believe, why we believe everyone should work hard to get their ideas launched, and start generating their own money instead of depending on others to do so.

We use the Business Model Canvas as an entrepreneurial tool that enables us to detail, describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your ideas into valid businesses or products that you want to license to other companies to commercialize for you while you reap your share of the revenue.

You've completed the Idea Profile by now and we have been discussing next steps. I want you to run through the Business Canvas video series so you will understand what information we will be pulling together to make you a success.

I look forward to our working together.

Let's Launch Your Ideas!


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