Invest Yourself


Invest Yourself is the section where we will talk about building wealth beyond your startup business.

As you earn money, you are going to want to diversify your investment other than plowing money back into the company. We are not talking 401K here, we are talking true wealth building strategies that will bring you greater returns than those expensive Wall Street money managers getting paid to keep your tax regulated retirement account low risk with average returns. You will also be learning to spread your risk through an allocation strategy we have used for years.

Some of these pages may discuss my personal investments. The intention and purpose of these posts are not to show my up-to-the-minute ROI (return-on-investment). My intention is to simply demonstrate how I've been putting my money to work using our strategies and how these strategies have been performing.

At the same time, I hope to give you ideas for your own investments. Just as I look up to investment mentors and learn as they open up their portfolio suggestions, I hope to do for you. This kind of insight is extremely valuable, because it is "proof-of-the-pudding" with data you can follow and assess yourself.

This posts should not be considered an official buy, hold, or sell recommendation, as we do not make official investment recommendations.

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