Our firm has decades in personal development coaching, plenty of startup experience, and a breadth of business expertise from healthcare, to creative space, to wealth building.

We continuously build upon our expertise and knowledge through our ever growing library of key resources, experts and experiences.

We add our capabilities to all that you bring to the development of your Idea, Vision, and Dreams with the ultimate goal to Createyourself!

Dr. Gordon Jones

"Ideas that are not disruptive are unworthy of being called ideas"

DrJ is a serial entrepreneur and idea coach with a doctorate in health administration and more than 51 years of diverse life experiences – from Military Brat to Airborne Paratrooper, from the youngest Outward Bound student to Patagonia Glacier Climber, from 4A State Soccer Champ to World Beach Ultimate Champion, from Single White Male to Husband and Father of a multiracial family.

Co-founder of TheClubhou.se, Principal and Blogger Maximus of Createyourself.com, Gordon is an innovative, enthusiastic, highly motivated, self-starter whom brings these skills to help entrepreneurs with uncompromising work ethic with faith based morals.

DrJ's Mantra is F.E.T.C.H.
Facilitate – working with the right partners
Execute – completing the mission
Teach – transferring knowledge
Coach – motivating the team
Humble – doing good under stealth

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Gary Ryan Blair

"Do It Right the First Time!"

Gary Ryan Blair is a visionary and gifted conceptual thinker, he is highly regarded as a speaker, consultant, strategic planner, and coach to leading companies across the globe. More than 80,000 organizations and 4,000,000 employees use The GoalsGuy handbooks, 100 Days Challenge, training programs, and coaching services. He is the author of Everything Counts and we schedule Gary for speaking, coaching and media requests.


Eric Parker, AIA

"An artist must not be bound, except by the realization of the idea"

Eric Parker is an architect, an entrepreneur, an organizer, a motivator, and an artist. He loves helping to build buildings, design cities, and startup companies. As he says, “it matters not which one, for they are all creation.” He lives to create and in order to create, he knows he has to be the best at whatever he does – whether through applying his own abilities or the leveraging those of others. That is the bar he sets for himself and expects from those he advises. Specialties: creative innovation… “designing a box where the outside is in, and then thinking outside the box again.”


Dr. Jennifer Jones

"Give of Yourself in all that you do and your reward will be just"

Jennifer has her PhD in Speech Language Pathology and is a Board Recognized Specialist in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders with an emphasis in pediatrics, and highly experienced with adult swallow studies. She teaches all over the world about Adult and Pediatric Dysphagia. While she is highly specialized in this field, she is also a specialist in deaf education and the adoption of cochlear implant devices for hearing.

Jennifer is the author of As They Grow: Motor Development from Birth to Six

Dr. Jones combines several models to create one framework for viewing motor development in children. Motor abilities fall into two main categories: gross motor skills and fine motor skills; most scientists concur that there are at least three broad categories within gross motor and fine motor development and sometimes are overlapping. Order the book through Amazon.

Jennifer is also a serial entrepreneur starting up her own private pediatrics therapy practice which now employs over 10 staff and co-foundering of mobile medical and therapy clinic company serving nursing home patients, and founder and President of a non-for-profit called The Foundation for Therapy Options, which raises money for children's therapy needs.

Jennifer is also the spouse of and partner with DrJ.


Nyhl Henson

"Prepare your ideas for when social media overtakes multi-media."

Createyourself.com is honored to announce the appointment of Nyhl Henson to our Board of Advisers. A true entertainment and multi-media entrepreneur, Mr. Henson will a great deal of insight to our members as they build on their ideas. Henson’s immense industry knowledge, network and influence will be indispensable to the Createyourself.com team as we build our various media platforms, expand our content, and deploy globally in 2014.

An innovator by nature, Henson is best described as a cable television programming pioneer. An early leader in recognizing the value of cable television programming, Henson was instrumental in the conversion of Warner Communications' Star Channel into a satellite-delivered service known as "The Movie Channel."

Henson served as the first general manager of Nickelodeon TV and was a key contributor to the development of MTV from Nickelodeon's "Pop Clips" program. After leaving Warner, Henson became vice president of programming and production with Oak Media Development, where he pioneered the pay-per-view genre and launched the first pay per view network with the Leonard-Hearns and Holmes-Cooney championship boxing matches, alongside prestigious events such as the “Rolling Stones” and “The Who” in concert. Henson was also the co-founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Country Music Television.

Nyhl Henson currently serves as the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Broadspot World Wide Wireless, Inc., and National Lampoon Entertainment. He is considered an industry leader and early proponent of the development of the wireless broadband business model and he has successfully deployed some of the nation's first profitable wireless systems.

Henson also serves as a Member of the Advisory Board of RockWindow Television Network, Inc. He is involved in the development of several land based entertainment complexes including projects in Branson, MO and Nashville, TN through his Music Village Group and Music Village USA companies.

Mr. Henson is a consummate industry professional that brings a global network to the table that is nothing short of world class. He has varied contacts that extend beyond the entertainment industry and has proven to be a marketing genius.

We appreciate the opportunity to gain great knowledge and exposure from Mr. Henson’s advisory!


Steve Blank

“In a startup, no business plan survives first contact with customers.”

After 21 years in 8 high technology companies, Steve Blank retired in 1999. He co-founded E.piphany in his living room in 1996. His other startups include two semiconductor companies, Zilog and MIPS Computers, a workstation company Convergent Technologies, a consulting stint for a graphics hardware/software spinout Pixar, a supercomputer firm, Ardent, a computer peripheral supplier, SuperMac, a military intelligence systems supplier, ESL and a video game company, Rocket Science Games. His total score thus far: two large craters (Rocket Science and Ardent) – meaning ‘failures’, one dot.com bubble home run (E.piphany), and several base hits.

After Steve retired, he took some time to reflect on his experience and he wrote the book that Silicon Valley has considered their “startup bible!” It’s his first rendition on how to build early stage companies called Four Steps to the Epiphany It’s been called the book that launched Eric Ries’ Lean Startup movement Steve’s latest book, co-authored with Bob Dorf, The Startup Owners Manual integrates 10 years of new knowledge (and fixes lots of typos) onto what we learned from E.piphany and is the basis of the Customer Development process we coach here at Createyourself.com.


Steve moved from being an entrepreneur to teaching entrepreneurship to both undergraduate and graduate students at U.C. Berkeley, Stanford University, Columbia University, Caltech and the Joint Berkeley/Columbia Executive MBA program. The “Customer Development” model that he developed is one of the core themes in these classes and is available on the Udacity MOOC site. In 2009, he was awarded the Stanford University Undergraduate Teaching Award in the department of Management Science and Engineering and in the same year, the San Jose Mercury News listed him as one of the 10 Influencers in Silicon Valley. His awards continued into 2010 with the Earl F. Cheit Outstanding Teaching Award at U.C. Berkeley Haas School of Business.

We list Steve here because we coach his Customer Development model with all of our startups and we recommend everyone thinking about taking their ideas to market to read his books.


Bill Hamilton

"If you never give up, you will never fail."

Bill is Principal of Bill Hamilton and Associates, LLC and a co-founder of REACH Health (www.reachhealth.com), an internet based tele-medicine system, and its former COO responsible for sales, strategic account management and tele-medicine network growth with large healthcare organizations. Bill specializes in assisting healthcare systems, hospitals, physician practices (large or small), and other organizations with tele-medicine, tele-health, neuroscience related projects and endeavors and practice management. Bill is also an Assistant Professor for Entrepreneurship in the Georgia Regents University, School of Business.


Kim Romaner

"There’s an invisible realm of possibility awaiting you right now."

Kim is the author of The Science of Making Things Happen: Turn Any Possibility into Reality, and as a technologist, strategist and futurist, she teaches people and organizations to harness the power and science of possibility. Her 25 years of business experience ranges from small business ownership to Fortune 500 executive leadership. Kim's clients represent a broad spectrum of sectors, including government, healthcare, technology, finance, manufacturing, hospitality and non-profits.


Ari Widlansky

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Ari is a big believer in helping people attain their dreams. He is currently a business development executive with Esker, the worldwide leader in document process automation and cloud computing solutions enabling companies to automate the reception, processing and sending of any business documentation through one platform. Ari will help you understand and take advantage of cloud and mobile based technology as well as learn his formula for a consultative sale within the B2B, B2C, and the government sectors.