Guardian Watch

Guardian Watch™ is an m911 app that connects citizens directly to public safety to help make their community a safer place! Read More


A place where the best and brightest of greater Augusta Region's tech crowd get together and make great ideas happen! Read More


iBuddyClub's Mission is to Connecting Caring Citizens with Outstanding Business Establishments for the Greater Good of the Community. Read More

Smart Media Ventures

Next generation technology converging the fully connected consumer with high capacity media deployment platforms. Read More

Global Emergency Resources

GER is committed to improving the preparedness and resources available to everyone involved in emergency and disaster response! Read More

mHealth Hub

A health communications exchange facilitating the adoption of mobile device and application management solutions for collaborating health systems. Read More

Life Saving Advise

LSA holds the global patent to embed emergency content atop the operating system of every electronic devices, worldwide. Read More

Vault Stem Cell

Vault provides patients with a system to securely, reliably and efficiently collect and store their individual adult stem cells. Read More

West Healthcare

West assists health systems to improve the overall health of a managed population, create an enhanced consumer experience, and reduce the costs to deliver that care. Read More


WikiObserver is the latest in video streaming, crowdsourcing, and location-based technology so you can share your story with the world! Read More

Forever Families

Ministry for Forever Families | Foster and adoptive parents continuously working to save childrens' lives! Read More


HIPAAP is a web and mobile app for doctors to communicate and telehealth effectively with their patients! Read More


iCu is a personal phone security app for the iPhone that takes a picture of anyone who is trying to log in to the phone unsuccessfully! Read More

Dysphagia Mobile Imaging

DMI improves the quality of life of patients through the use of state-of-the-art digital imaging technology and highly qualified personnel! Read More

Lab Discoveries

Lab Discoveries is a drug development company focused on one of the most crucial healthcare problems worldwide – Cancer Diagnostics. Read More

GuideDent Centers

GuideDent uses its proprietary Image Guided Implantology technology for the most accurate placement of dental implants! Read More

Eunity Healthnet

Eunity Healthnet was the first health information exchange and utility company for healthcare purchasers, payors, providers and patients! Read More


MedonWeb was the first fully web-based application for physician medical billing! Read More

FPA Medical Management

A nationwide physician practice management company bringing value and resources in managed care! Read More