After you have purchased this package for $999, you will be asked to complete the basic Idea Profile. We will perform a review of your Idea Profile with a brief written response and an initial 50 minute scheduled consultation.

You will be given access to our step-by-step process for further vetting your Idea and developing it into a product or service you can take to market.

You will be taken through our CYS Coaching Process that expands your thinking beyond just your Idea, but also prepares you personally for the rigger of a Startup Life and Entreprenuerialship. This is an extensive process and requires meeting with us weekly on a 50 minute phone call or Skype session.

We will establish the timeline and tasks you need to complete, and review the previous week’s defined goals. Each week, we will review your progression and help you hold yourself accountable.

As your advisor, mentor and coach, we will take you down the path of developing your product or service into something tangible that can be promoted and delivered to paying customers, and more importantly, prepare you for being the leader to make it happen!

You may continue on with the Advisor package as long as you wish in order to access all the valuable Key Resources and DrJ’s Lending Library.

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