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My name is Dr. Gordon Jones.

I have launched this community around all the activities I am involved in so we may better interact with each other in one place. If you did not get here from LinkedIn, you can learn about my professional career on my LinkedIn page by clicking the image below.

Our newest project is all about how we change our health by moving from processed foods to all-natural. We have partnered with Southern Foods to bring their all-natural, certified vegetarian-fed free-range meats, 100% Sashimi Grade Seafood, and Vine-ripened farm-fresh vegetables from the Farm to our Families' Tables. If you’re looking to get your family away from processed foods, we can bring the best foods to your table. Watch Trey Pounders explain how below. You'll learn more inside and if you're interested, your first meal is On The House.


Most all of my proceeds go to the non-profit projects I am working on. Please click into the community to learn more about each project. The first is our preschool for medically fragile children. You will learn how this innovative new model integrating learning in the classroom with therapy enhances their education abilities preparing these children for their future K-12 environments and setting them up for success.

Next is a project to ramp up my home state of South Carolina as a leading business environment for companies creating and adopting blockchain technologies. It's called PalmettoChain.

StartupLife is the eleven-month incubator program for 10 Startup Entrepreneurs within here in Augusta. Funded by the Kauffman Foundation, we provide housing, meals, transportation, founders curriculum, mentors, and other resources to help get them started. is a non-profit sharing community helping to pay for emergency vet services in our effort to end the economic euthanasia of our pet dogs. SHARE is NOT Pet Insurance nor is it Crowdfunding. SHARE is a unique community based model of Canine Health Cost Sharing.

My family's home church, Lakeside Baptist Church

And now for my for-profit projects under

We are here to help you innovate yourself to prosperity. Not only do we teach and mentor you on how to be a founder of a new company bringing your ideas to life, invest your money in the most profitable ways, but we are your coach getting you Off The Couch and motivating you to Get Cranking.

We have courses on Startups, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Public Speaking and more being added regularly.

Join us through the links above or look below and send yourself a text to get our mobile app. There is no cost for exploring the site and getting access to the content, networking with other members, or engage me in what you are up to... to Createyourself.

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