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What is Createyourself?

Createyourself is a Community where we share our knowledge, experience, tips, tricks, and stories with each other. This is a place where you can have your ideas vetted, prepared to develop into new products or services, and launch your own company.

You can also learn what it takes to develop yourself and your leadership skills to execute on your idea. We have several executive coaches as members, and of course, our very own Dr. Gordon Jones who is a serial entrepreneur and Entrepreneur-in-Residence for the program - a collaboration between and the Kauffman Foundation to help reduce the barriers to those starting up their own company.

We have a non-fiction BookClub and several workshops on Startups, Personal Development, Investing, Money, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain. We even have a place where you can group up with others who are exercising and getting healthy to have the energy to conquer the world!

Join us above or below by sending yourself a text to get our mobile app. Or just explore the site for a while. The content and engagement are all free. Later in Q1, we will be charging for some of the workshops soon. They have some great lessons for you to master so jump into them for free while they're open.

So Get Off the Couch and Get Cranking!

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